Fertility & Pre-conception Treatments

Your Journey Begins Here

Preparing for a baby can be a very exciting but sometimes anxious and stressful time; particularly, if it's taking a little longer than anticipated. This can be a very emotionally and physically exhausting time.

If you're looking at other options like IUI or IVF, body therapy treatments can provide additional support by enriching and nourishing the uterus and reproductive organs during the 2 or 3 months leading up to FET.

At Bellies & Bubs our aim is to create an understanding, calming and supportive environment.

Fertility Massage

We recommend an initial appointment, which can be booked anytime during the monthly cycle and begins with consultation and a combination of massage, reflexology, acupressure to help balance and align the body & mind; with particular emphasis on the endocrine and reproductive systems and adrenals, helping to reduce stress and encourage relaxation.

From here, a follow-up appointment would be scheduled at a specific time in the cycle, to assist with stimulating the ovaries or nourishing the uterus and of course creating a sense of calm and well-being.

Initial Appointment 75 minutes - $125

Follow-up 60 minutes - $75

Pregnancy Massage Treatments

Your Pregnancy Journey Begins Here

Bellies & Bubs Pregnancy Massage treatments are tailored to the individual needs of each woman.

Time is taken at the beginning of each treatment to listen to; acknowledge and implement the most appropriate treatment plan.

All our pregnancy and birth treatments have the added support and comfort of our unique Pregnancy Belly Beanbag, immediately creates comfort and relaxation for both Mum & Bub, creates good pelvic and spinal alignment and therefore Optimal Foetal Positioning.

We recommend waiting until the 2nd trimester before having a massage and preferably after your Nuchal Transclucency Scan.

Although massage is safe and beneficial for pregnancy, sometimes particular conditions of pregnancy can place more strain on already compromised organs. Please read our T's and C's and contraindications of massage before booking an appointment.

**the use of essential oils is not recommended with Gestational Diabetes, as this can spike insulin levels.

***If you are using a 'My Midwives Ultimate Package' please be aware that this is not recommended for chronic or multiple musculo-skeletal imbalances, malposition of baby or as a birth preparation. Please select one of our more specialised treatments. The voucher can also be redeemed with any other Bellies & Bubs Pregnancy treatment.

Pregnancy Remedial Massage

12-40 weeks

Align and balance your changing body with our most popular rejuvenating and rebalancing massage treatment.

This treatment is ideal if having chronic or acute pain and discomfort.

A combination of Swedish massage, trigger point therapy and acupressure and gentle stretches to create musculoskeletal alignment and balance.

Assists with relieving back pain, headaches, sciatica, SPD and groin pain, leg cramps and RLS, rebalances the lymphatics, increases circulation which can assist with oedema.

*This treatment can be claimed with all Health Funds except Defence Health

75 minutes - $125

Pregnancy Pamper Massage

12-40 weeks

Just wanting something relaxing and nurturing? Than this tranquillity aroma massage is for you.

Let the quiet and dimly lit treatment room, our unique and supportive Belly Bag, the gentle strains of relaxation music and **Secret Scent pregnancy aroma oils; melt away the tension and provide you with this hour of Escape.

60 minutes - $100

Mini Express Pregnancy Massage

12-40 weeks

Life gets busy sometimes, at Bellies & Bubs, we get that!

Let us create a 45 minute treat for the back, neck, shoulders and scalp.

Or if it's your tired feet that need some attention; read on... you'll love Soul Mumma

45 minutes - $75

Soul Mumma Foot Pamper Treatment

12-40 weeks

Did you know the feet can tell an interesting story about our personality and our health and wellbeing? Balancing energy lines can, therefore, enhance the body’s natural ability to heal and maintain wellness. A Soul Journey which focuses on the feet yet rejuvenates the body & mind.

Begin with an essential oil infused foot soak, release the toxins and impurities with a lime & coconut Himalayan salt scrub and finally a rose geranium foot massage; completes this nurturing and rejuvenating treatment.

45 minutes - $75

Ultimate Pregnancy Package

12-40+ weeks

The ultimate in nurturing an expecting Mumma. A combination of relaxation, balance and alignment... A beautiful combination of a Pregnancy Massage and a Sole Mumma foot treatment.

Plus your own take home Secret Scent lime and coconut Himalayan salt scrub or aroma body cream.

90 minutes - $200

Signature Speciality Treatments

For Babies Malpositioned & for Birth Preparation

Pregnancy in Balance

32-40 weeks

This specialised treatment is appropriate from 32wks gestation and incorporates a Pregnancy Remedial Massage to help realign the spine, pelvis and pelvic/uterine ligaments; and therefore create a more symmetrical space within which your baby can attain optimal foetal positioning.

Acupressure points are appropriately stimulated with massage and then moxibustion. Guidance and instruction on the use of Moxi at home are also provided; together with appropriate inversion stretches where applicable.

75 minutes - $150

Birth in Balance Treatment

37-40+ weeks

What better way to approach your baby’s ‘birth’day than with our blissful balancing, nurturing and preparatory birth treatment.

This treatment is recommended from 38 weeks, however, may be appropriate from 37 weeks if aiming for a VBAC.

The treatment begins with a consultation, including previous birth history, concerns from previously actively managed or traumatic birth experiences, if any.

Beginning with an individually tailored massage treatment to assess any structural and muscular imbalances. Applying trigger point therapy and acupressure, the helps to create a symmetrical bowl for baby to access the pelvic inlet, align well in the mid-pelvis and start to efface the cervix.

Acupressure points are stimulated further with moxibustion to begin to prime the body for labour. Labour positions most appropriate for your pelvic space are also discussed; for those aiming for an active labour and birth.

Although the nature of this treatment is to stimulate the uterus and cervix, it is also calming and nurturing and therefore reduces adrenalin and helps to increase the release of oxytocin which peaks closer to 40 weeks.

75 minutes - $150

New Mumma Treatments

Welcome to Motherhood

New Mumma Deluxe Massage

As a new mum, it is so important to give yourself the opportunity to recover from your pregnancy and birth and the huge hormonal shifts that come with the sleeplessness and fatigue of those early weeks of Mothering.

Continue your Bellies & Bubs experience after your baby arrives with a nurturing, balancing and rejuvenating massage Treatment.

Begin with an essential oil infused foot soak, lime & coconut or pink grapefruit Himalayan salt foot scrub.

A pampering or more remedial massage treatment, with or without the use of essential oils, is individually tailored to your needs to create alignment, balance and bliss.

If time is an issue, a 60 minute New Mumma Pamper massage (without the foot treatment), might be more appropriate, of if you've had a Caesarean Birth a Soul Mumma treatment is ideal in the first 6 weeks post-surgery.

*please read contraindications of massage under T's & C's before booking your appointment, to be aware of contraindications after birth

Deluxe 75 minutes - $125

Pampering 60 minutes - $75

Women's Wellness Treatments

Every Woman is Welcome

Womens’ Wellness Massage

At Bellies & Bubs, you don't have to be pregnant to enjoy one of our individually tailored massage treatments. Perhaps your journey began with us prior to or during your pregnancy and continued through your early parenting days.

We aim to continue to support you way beyond those months and years.

Let go of the day-to-day stresses, worries or concerns with a balancing and aligning remedial massage or a pampering and nurturing relaxation massage. Give yourself the gift of ‘time out for you’.

Incorporating the scintillating essential oils by Secret Scent will enhance the healing effects of this rejuvenating and relaxing treatment.

60 minutes - $75

Womens’ Wellness Massage - Deluxe

This 75 minute treatment is the ideal escape. Combining a 45 minute therapeutic massage treatment with a 30 minute mini foot pamper, which includes a peppermint and neroli foot soak, a himalayan salt, coconut and lime infused foot scrub and foot massage. Absolute Bliss!!

75 minutes - $125

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