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Specialising in Body Therapy Treatments for Pregnancy,
Birth, Post-Partum & Women's Health

Bellies & Bubs offers a variety of body therapy treatments for your pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Safe, beneficial and individually tailored treatments for women of all life's stages and ages.

Leah Palmer-O'Malley

Leah Palmer-O'Malley

Owner and Sole Practitioner at Bellies & Bubs

I have Diplomas in Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Yoga Instruction and additional qualifications in Pregnancy Massage, Maternity Reflexology, Pre and Post-Natal Yoga and Level I and II Reiki. I am also a certified Doula and have had the honour and privilege of sharing this amazing experience with over 60 women and their families, since 2004.

Massage & Reflexology

The benefits of massage are many and varied; particularly during pregnancy and postnatally and can assist with back, pelvic girdle, groin pain, sciatica, SPD (symphysis pubis diastasis), abdominal separation, headaches associated with muscular tension, RLS (restless leg syndrome), leg cramps, carpal tunnel and oedema.

At no other time, will a woman experience such vast physical, emotional and hormonal changes; in such a short space of time.

Bellies & Bubs

We have a variety of treatments to support your pregnancy from pampering treatments, to something more remedial and signature 'balancing' treatments for malpositioned babies and birth preparation.

New Mums

New Mums benefit from our nurturing and pampering treatments, designed to target tight upper back, shoulders and neck, jaw and scalp, arms and hands.

Pregnancy Massages

Beneficial from 13-14 weeks of pregnancy (usually after your Nuchal Transluscency Scan) and our specially designed Belly Bag, supports your changing body right up until your baby is born.

Women's Health

Treatments are also provided at Bellies & Bubs. Sometimes an hour's escape is all that's required to reconnect the body, mind and soul.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Yoga is both safe and beneficial during the 2nd and 3rd Trimesters of pregnancy.

As the meaning of yoga (Union, Yoke) suggests, it is the unity of body, mind and spirit. In pregnancy, this 'joining' or union', the intertwining of mother and baby and the intricate bond and connection that lasts a lifetime; is never more apparent.

Pregnant doing yoga
three clocks pointing at 10 o'clock


All yoga classes are structured in 5 week blocks.

Pregnancy and Birth Prep classes are held evenings from 6:00 PM to 7:15 PM.
four pregnant mothers doing yoga
pregnant mother doing yoga

What To Wear

Wear something comfortable and easy to move in - gym wear, yoga pants, tights or a loose t-shirt are ideal.

The practice of yoga is done barefoot, so you better make sure you are wearing footwear that is easy to slip off and on.

Now is a good time to start our journey together